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Here are examples of many of the conditions I treat:

  • Medication and addictions issues ( not the methadone program though nor detox)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Motor Vehicle Accident injuries – such as whiplash injuries, low back pain
  • Muscle pains ( myofascial pain) – all over
  • Osteoarthritis : knees, hips, feet, hands/fingers, neck, low back, spinal stenosis
  • Ligament laxities – wherever they are
  • Chronic tendon issues (tendinopathies): plantar fasciitis
    – tennis elbow
    – TMJ
  • Nerve pains ( neuropathies) diabetic neuropathy, others
  • allergies – using acupuncture approach
  • and many other chronic pain issues I don’t have the space to list here
  • Cancer/palliative care symptoms

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