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Physician Referral is required.

What to Expect regarding your First Assessment Visit

  1. I am looking forward to getting to know you. My passion is to help you find ways of helping you getting more of your life back. My greatest joy is when you no longer have to see me but when I see you around town or walking on the beach.
  2. When my staff contacts you for your appointment, you are expected to call back more than 48 hours prior to your assessment to confirm you are coming. If you do not call back, your appointment will be given to another person and your referral will be sent back to your referring physician. I have long wait lists and it is simply courteous to allow others to come to see me if you no longer want to see me.
  3. You will be asked to print out and fill out the following assessments in order for me to better get to understand you and your pain. These are located on my Assessments tab. For most of you, the following will be important to do ahead of time:

         a. Medical History
         b. Brief Pain Inventory (BPI)
         c. PHQ-9
         d. Pain assessment score (PCS)
         e. Depending on your pain problem my staff may ask you to fill
         out additional forms

  4. Your first appointment is 30 minutes long. I will be sending your referring physician a consultation letter after our visit explaining my thoughts. We may or may not need to do additional investigations before we make a plan of treatment.
  5. I am hoping to get weekly pain informational group visits. Please ask my front staff for information about these group visits. They are intended to bring information and are not counselling sessions.
  6. If you need to cancel an appointment, please cancel 48 hours prior to your appointment time so I can arrange for someone else to fill your spot. If you do not and I am not able to fill your spot in that time, you WILL be charged a full appointment or treatment spot. Repeated missed appointments will result in my no longer being willing to see you.