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Nerve Block Injections

I am constantly learning more about different nerve block injections since I got my ultrasound machine. Some of the nerve blocks I am or intend to be able to provide include the following, and this will evolve and change but I will try to keep this up to date:

  1. Suprascapular nerve block
  2. Intercostal nerve block
  3. Facet nerve blocks
  4. Medial branch Blocks
  5. Ilioinguinal nerve blocks/genitofemoral nerve blocks
  6. Pudenal nerve block


  1. Local infection
  2. Sepsis – a serous widespread blood infection

The procedure itself is ultrasound guided to ensure accuracy of the injections.

What are the major risks of Nerve blocks?

Risks are very low (less than 1%) with this procedure. They include:

  1. Infection due to the needling. Therefore do not go into public swimming pools, hot tubs or lakes for 3-5 days after each treatment. Showering the day of or the next day is fine.
  2. Bruising – temporary
  3. Nerve irritation – this is temporary
  4. Allergic reaction – if you are allergic to corn or xylocaine