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Nutrition is also very important part of your health.  We really are what we eat!  If you eat JUNK you ARE JUNK.  It is pretty confusing nowadays though about what to eat – lots of conflicting data that I also am constantly looking at and reading about.  The knowledge about this evolves quickly but my latest suggestions are as follows:

Eat REAL food

  • Lots of veggies, less fruit
  • Protein
  • Choose whole unprocessed grains if you choose to eat them
  • Eat less and move more

Eat a low carb diet whatever you feel – consider trying one of these for more information:

  • The South Beach Diet approach
  • Paleo diet
  • High fat low carb ( www.dietdoctor.com )
  • Anti-inflammatory diet

In the winter you will benefit from 4000 IU Vitamin D daily but no need in the summer as we make enough.

I recommend Magnesium glycinate ( not other magnesiums – they don’t seem to have the same effect) 200 mg at bedtime regularly – this helps with muscle pains and cramps