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Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body. A key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain.

I. Regular Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture

I am very fortunate to have studied TCM acupuncture with Dr. Stephen Aung at the University of Alberta. I received my certification through the Department of Extension at the University of Alberta in 2003.

Although I am trained in this and often combine this with my other techniques, I most often use this approach for difficulties such as allergies.

II. Dynamic Interactive Acupuncture

I also studied with Dr. Michael Greenwood in Victoria with two ten day intensives at the previous Victoria Pain Clinic which was a specialized residential pain clinic where a very integrative and multimodel approach to helping people with complex pain problems were seen. Dr. Greenwood is the author of three books including; Braving the Void, Paradox and Healing and The Unbroken Field.

It is an interesting approach that combines aspects of five element acupuncture along with holotropic breath work in allowing persons to transform their pain in a unique way.

I have treated several people with this approach as a part of a holistic approach to healing. It requires a room and hour long sessions which are currently not possible. However it is hopeful that in the future I will once again offer this amazing approach to healing in the future.

III. Five Element Acupuncture

I have done three week long intensive trainings with Drs. Ron Puhky of Saltspring Island and Dr. Charles Moss of San Diego, California. This is a very powerful and deep style of acupuncture, preceding the style of the usual Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. It was suppressed in the 1940s then Dr. J Worsely brought it out to the West and these fine physicians have devoted their lives to this amazing approach of acupuncture.

IV. Acu-O-Matic acupuncture

This approach is also interesting and involves the use of a machine called the Accu-O-Matic. It essentially allows me to treat people with acupuncture without needles and also allow muscle stretching to be done. This is very useful in children, in the very sensitive patient or patients with such extreme pain they are unable to tolerate the usual needles or have reactions to the stainless steel needles. 

V. Gokavi Transverse Technique (GTT) Acupuncture

Gokavi Transverse Technique (GTT) is an acupuncture technique used mainly for chronic pain developed by Dr. Gokavi. Dr. Gokavi is a family physician/acupuncturist in Saskatchewan who now devotes her time full time at her Chronic Pain Clinic. This technique uses transverse needling for myofascial trigger point release sometimes after a high frequency electrical stimulation treatment.