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Dr Fehlau’s Interventional Treatments Summarized

I. Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

  • Many health conditions can be treated in this way although I mostly treat people for neuropathies or allergies.
  • Occ. covered by Third Party Insurance.

IMS/GTT Acupuncture

  • This is a kind of Myofascial release kind of acupuncture treatment. Some physiotherapists at the Joint Clinic offer IMS and I offer a modified kind of IMS called Gokavi Transverse Technique.
  • Occ. covered by Third Party Insurance

II. Trigger Point Injections

  • Trigger points are hyper-irritated spots in fascia in skeletal muscle often caused by referred pain not typical of nerve patterns.
  • I inject these with the buffered 5% dextrose solution.
  • Covered by MSP.

III. Prolotherapy

Dextrose Prolotherapy

  • Prolotherapy is a regenerative injection technique which helps stimulate the body’s own healing of joints, ligaments and tendons, especially after traumas.
  • Not covered by MSP.

PRP Prolotherapy

  • PRP Prolotherapy is a subset type of Prolotherapy which utilized the person’s own “platelet-rich plasma” which contains stem cells and growth factors that really promote healing.
  • Not covered by MSP.

IV. Perineural injection treatments

  • This is a specialized injection technique that reduces “neurogenic
  • It acts similar to a nerve block but actually changes the nerve
  • Not covered by MSP

V. Ultrasound-guided Nerve Blocks

  • Useful for many nerve-related pains,
  • Covered by MSP